Friday, June 29, 2007

"Almost Heaven"? Time Will Tell...

I'm leaving for West Virginia early this morning with my sister, my mom, and my 13-year-old niece, all crammed into my little PT Cruiser. Why? Well, some of my mom's father's side of the family came from WV, somewhere around Charleston, and Mom is having one of those "gotta look at my roots" kind of deal going on. None of the family still lives there, we don't think. They all crawled east over the mountains into Virginia about 100 years ago. We'll be driving 3 1/2 hours to see, well, gravestones and maybe some old houses that haven't been torn down. We're staying in a cheap motel that doesn't have a pool (the niece will be less than thrilled). When I booked it I was going for inexpensive and at that point in time, the niece wasn't coming along. Anyhoo, we'll come home late tomorrow night.

My point of posting this terribly enthralling note is to say I won't be here to post a new Skeeryvilletown picture today and very likely not tomorrow. I will resume Sunday. Wish me luck on the jaunt. At the very least I hope to return with a new touristy t-shirt or coal mine snowglobe.


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