Friday, June 22, 2007

Takin' Friday Off for da Movies!

No Skeeryvilletown post today; been out of town (Charlottesville) to see a matinee of Evan Almighty, in which my SO Cortney Skinner, my sister Barb, my daughter Erin, and my son-in-law Ben are extras. LOVED IT!!!! My car gets more "on screen time" than any of the extras I know, but that's cool! If you see the film, watch the scene when Wanda Sykes and crew get out of their car in the Huntsville neighborhood to see the ark. My car is the little silver PT Cruiser right in front of them. Even my license plate - IRITGUD - shows up! I'm visible briefly in the very early scene showing Evan campaigning in the park and then dancing during the end credits. But hey, we had a ball being involved and the movies was wonderful! Going to see the movie again tonight in Staunton with Matt and Deena Warner (who was also an extra!) and some other folks.

Will post another piece of art tomorrow, ya'll!


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Cathy VanPatten said...

Cool!!! I keep scanning the trailer for signs of you guys, but they go by so fast!

The DVD will be your friend on this one... you can just stop the frame and check every crowd scene.

By the way, mosey on over to the magpie nest... many pictures of the Bahamas and honey dolphins!