Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your Name in Skeeryvilletown and My Trip to Necon!

Hi All!

I'm going to be on a blogging hiatus from today through July 25...I am getting ready to go to Necon (a FANTASTIC horror convention in Rhode Island) and so between now and when we leave on July 18th, I'll be doing pictures for the Necon art show and won't be able to list any new ones here on my Skeeryvilletown blog.

However, I do want to make an offer! If anyone would like a commissioned piece of Skeeryvilletown artwork with YOUR NAME ON IT, just give me a holler at . These make cool gifts for yourself or any other person who likes things on the strange side.

The name pictures will be similar to those above, featuring 3 or 4 Skeeryvilletown citizens of your choice. The current citizens are:
  • 3-Eyed Devil Cat the sideshow freak
  • StinkySquare Eyes the cat
  • Fire Breathing Dog O' Death the other sideshow freak
  • Boo Boy the large ghost
  • Bit O' Boo the little ghost
  • Battie the vampire
  • Rattie the rat
  • Little Furry Run-No the roadkill
  • Wolfie the werewolf
  • Bonehead the skeleton dog
  • The witch sisters (there are two but hey, I can split up the pair)
The price is $30 for names 4 or less letters, $40 for names 5 letters or more; you pick the color for the lettering - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray, pink, or purple. I'll add other spooky odds and ends to "flesh it out." Each picture comes matted and will be completed and delivered within three weeks of the order's placement. Shipping (USA) is first class and depending on the size of the artwork will run between $3.50 - $4.50, no more.



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